• Hey Smith#6079.

    I just want to report my personal test about warframe armor type.

    I first tested in the simulacrum with lvl105 Electric Crawler alone and Electric Crawler + Toxic Ancient. Crawler alone took my Chroma 740 health with 735 armor down to 200ish in 11 ticks of damage but the Crawler+Ancient killed my Chroma in just 4 ticks.

    But that's simulacrum. I don't know whether that is considered "PVE" or not, so I tried again in Gabii, Ceres. This time Crawler alone reduced my Chroma health to ~640 in 6 ticks and Crawler+Ancient reduce Chroma health to ~510 in 4 ticks. I'm pretty sure that this is totally PVE now.

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    • Um, elemental damage from enemies does not combine into secondary elements. The Electric Crawler + Toxic Ancient does not equal Corrosive Damage.

      Try testing it in the Simulacrum, but use a Detron Crewman for Radiation damage and a Tar Mutalist MOA for Corrosive Damage.

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    • How would you explain the crawler proccing corrosive status then? Anyway I tried testing with lvl 20 Detron Crewman and lvl 20 TarMOA with the same Chroma and the results are

      Detron crewman: 9 damage per pellet to shield and 6 damage per pellet to health

      TarMOA: 7 damage per tick to shield and 8 damage per tick to health

      Anything else I should try?

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    • Try testing out the damage in a clan dojo's duel room.

      I'm pretty sure that uses the PvE stats, and you can use elements in those.

      You'll need someone to help you though. Make sure they use a weapon that uses the same mods except necessary damage changes. I suggest something that normally deals electric modded accordingly.

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    • Testing PvE stuff by doing PvP thing... ain't that a bit weird? Well. Unfortunately, nobody want to test it with me so I have to stick to PvE side of things.

      I decided to do the easily doable ones so I first went to Ker, Ceres and found a lvl 34 Bombard. His rockets deal 255 damage to shield and 47 damage to health. That's just impossible if my Chroma armor is Alloy.

      But there's also TarMOA so I went to Saxis, Eris and found a lvl 31 TarMOA. Its tar deals 12 damage per tick to shield and 13 per tick to health. Again. Impossible for Alloy armor damage modifier.

      Hope this will finally clear that armor myth up.

      Well there's still a Detron crewman but that one took me 2 and a half hours to finally determine the per pellet damage so, nope, I'll leave that to you.

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    • Hmm, seems that DE must have changed what armor values frames use in PvE.

      I'll send Rebecca a PM when I can to clear things up.

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    • Can we check a Warframe other than Chroma? Other damage types?

      I have an set of calculations from April 15, 2015 of a Charger attacking a Chroma that is exactly consistent with Slash vs. Alloy and not Ferrite. There's something going on that's changed...

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    • I tested some of the old(and mostly untouched) and some of the relatively new frames by standing on lvl 20 TarMOA tar patch.

      Relatively new frames:

      Ash Prime - 150 armor - 7 damage per tick to shield - 11 damage per tick to health.

      Atlas - 1147 armor - 7 damage to shield - 6 damage to health.

      Ivara - 65 armor - 7 to shield - 12 to health.

      Nezha - 175 armor - 7 to shield - 11 to health.

      Old frames:

      Banshee - 15 armor - 7 to shield - 12 to health.

      Frost Prime - 300 armor - 7 to shield - 10 to health.

      Loki - 61 armor - 7 to shield - 12 to health.

      Nova -  65 armor - 7 to shield - 12 to health.

      I also let a lvl 20 Bombard shot at my Ivara and Banshee. The rocket dealt 136 damage to shield for both frames, 80 damage to Ivara health, and 96 damage to Banshee health.

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    • I sent some PMs to the devs, and Glen responded to me. Here's what he has to say;

      "They technically both use Ferrite Armor but the actual damage model for PvP is more complex than PvE Damage 2.0. Beyond per-weapon balancing there is a layer of stat-adjustment that gets applied to soften out the differences in the frames (I'm sure you've already seen this for shields and heath; surprise: it also applies to armor)."

      By his statement, Tar MOA are actually worse than I though...

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    • Welp, time to redo everything. Thanks for the detective work, folks.

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    • That also mean Deramen/Techs are also much, much more dangerous...

      On the bright side, we dont have to fear the Detronmen anymore... or do we?

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    • thank goodness grineer aren't bright enough to actually make tenno-proof weapons¬†:)

      if they geared up for toxin, now we'd be extra-fucked

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    • FYI, as of U17, Detron Crewman do not deal Radiation Damage anymore.

      was an important part of the sweeping adjustments over Defense. that unit had to be redone since it had 5x the DPS of the Corrupted Crewman.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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