• The tigris' damage isn't low by any means- to state that the other two damage categories are low because slash damage is exponentially higher is asine. I wish to know why you continue to persist when their damage values are literally higher than some weapons are capable of dealing with their primary stats.

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    • less effective =/= low, it means that as compared to unarmored/unshielded enemies, it deals less if it was against armored/shielded enemies:

      against no shields/armor = 1480.5 damage

      against armor = 1171.8 damage

      against shields = 1291.5 damage

      as you can see, it is less effective against shields and armor, as compared to against no shields or armor

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    • It's less effective, but the weapon still represents an advantage for the absurdly high damage figures it can obtain. There's no way to define when the weapon's damage values become a disadvantage over any other weapon, however, defining a lower damage score out of all the damage scores as an inherant disadvantage is a misnomer. The current status of being moved to tips works better than the disadvantage misnomer.

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    • doesn't change from the facts, 1171.8 and 1291.5 are lower than 1480.5, which means that it is less effective as compared to what it specializes in

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    • A Lone Tenno
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