• The calculation of the snow globe seem off to me or at least strange.

    "The additional armor Frost gains from equipped mods multiplied by 500% is also added to the globe's health." Does this mean that the snow globe only gains from the added mods to armor? So no armor mods equal no bonus?

    Modified Health = (Base Health + 5 × Frost's Base Armor × Base Armor Bonus) × (1 + Power Strength) + Absorbed Damage

    If this was the case, without an Steel fibre the health would be just plain 5000*1.3?

    I would like to think that the armor of frost himself gets added aswell, not only if a mod is equipped. My thinking is totally unfounded but it would make more sense to me. My formula would look like this:

    Modified Health = (Base Health + 5 × Frost's Base Armor × (1 + Base Armor Bonus)) × (1 + Power Strength) + Absorbed Damage

    resulting: (5000 + 5 × 300 × (1 + 1.1)) × 1.3 = 10595

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    • They probably didnt see a need to do so considering the shield already is strong enough against level 30 enemies. Needlessly adding on 2k more health is just a power creep that isnt neccessary. A warframe's armor doesnt change as the frame levels up, so Frost's base armor is already a static amount. Why would they throw in a bonus to a static number instead of just pre-set the unchanging base starting health of the globe to already accomodate for the base unchanging armor of the warframe? They dont need to complicate the calculation by adding in unchanging variables when they can simply set the starting health at a certain number.

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    • My Frost Prime's Snow Globe healt without any mods is 5000, making the the formula above impossible. 

      I sure someone have already made a new formula but what the heck, heres mine:


      The snowglobe formula

      I am sure the formula could be simplified but regardless, this formula should give the correct values:

      SnowGlobe test



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    • I tried your formula Ginthus and it works well (other settings than yours).

      It didn't work with Shriker's formula.

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    • i found that the formula on the main frost globe page was inaccurate so i did some testing and maths to fine something that was neat and worked

      here is what i came up with though i  only tested with a max rank frost though

      well frost prime but that shouldn't make any differences

      (3500+armour*5)*str = modified health

      much simpler and less static constants required

      for example an unmoded frost has

      (3500+300*5)*1=modified health

      (3500+1500)*1=modified health


      but with a max str/max armour build

      (3500+765*5)*2.99=modified health

      (3500+3825)*2.99-modified health


      same as abilitys panel/arsenal results

      also sry i am not sure how to use a nice embedded equation like above

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    • A Lone Tenno
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