• Hey there, I agree on the format, although I hate that it's the other way round in-game (% for armor and x for damage - they should really change that) <.< ^^

    The previous values on Maximized Power Strength were still the ones without Power Drift until Xyath[1] added them in (with the wrong Maximum Fury since he just used it as a multiplier, so yeah, your format is definitely betterĀ :D)

    Two things though: On Maximized Power Range it shows 139% (or 1.39x) in-game rather than 1.4x. And the Maximized Fury value on Maximized Power Strength should be 623.25%. You might want to doublecheck the latter since I don't have all the mods maxed but I get a 5.99 / 598.75% damage multiplier in-game with +185% PS, so it has to be higher than 6 for the maximum.

    Thank you for your time ^^

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    • Sorry I didn't notice your message earlier. I also just noticed there was a discussion on the most recent edits in the comment section.

      While the abilities menu and HUD show "139%" for the minimum value of Scorn, this is a UI error with rounding. This isn't the first and only case either. Overextended would have to have a power strength penalty of roughly -60.3% to produce that displayed minimum value. Normally I would accept UI values if there is a nonlinear relationship between an ability stat and mods or if the stat is capped, but this isn't the case here.

      As for Fury in the maximization tab, we're talking about the damage bonus and not the total combined multiplier. If I'm saying maximum Fury grants an additional 175% total weapon damage, then maximum Fury will grant an additional 523.25% total weapon damage with maximum power strength. I'll reword the article for clarity.

      I'm just trying to maintain consistency throughout all ability articles when differentiating between multipliers and percent bonuses as the UI often mixes these up. Thanks for letting me know, and if there's anything you disagree with we can discuss it further.

      Have a nice day or night.

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    • No worries and thanks for clearing these things up.

      I totally didn't check the minimum value, that was pretty stupid - I wasn't expecting the game to be off in such a way though.

      Same for the Maximized Fury, I was totally going with the in-game values there but was trying to stay in your format. It's really inconvenient to have this incoherent stuff in the game.. So I totally agree with having consistency here on those matters.

      Thanks again for your help, have a nice day, too =D

      (Edit: deleted my question since I just answered it myself, so you don't have to read that mess, haha)

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    • A Lone Tenno
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