The sentients are NOT AN ALIEN RACE. They are machines created by the Orokin to serve them. Initially simple robots, they obtained SENTIENCE and rebelled against their creators, hence "The Sentients".

    But that's just a theory...

    A FRAAAME THEORY... Thanks for watching!


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    • Actually, it's my theory that the Orokin actually are the alien race, and the Sentients, Grineer and Corpus are the scattered remnants of the conquered humans. 

      The Infestation was created by the Sentients to combat the Orokin, and in return the Orokin created two classes of the Tenno. Those like the Stalker used slash weaponry to fight the Infested, while those elite (player) Tenno were outfitted as strike teams to take out sensitive targets.

      The Infested ancients are not clearly derived from any of the Corpus or Grineer units. These units being an Infested Orokin would explain not only what they are, but also why they--as corrupted--are present in active Orokin Void towers when no other Infested are there.

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    • I think that Soldatto's theory is quite close to what may be the truth. see, in game, if you've played through the second dream, the lotus tells you that the sentientts can adapt to damage and become resistant to it. she also says that the void is poisonous to them. if you have the synthesis log for the corpus crewman, (if you dont you can find it here: Synthesis) it talks about how this man is facing trial for his proposed solution. i dont know what the problem is, possibly the orokin empire has grown too large for the available resources to support them, but the solution is to send these machines to the Tau system, where they will build an interstellar rail on the other side, then prepare a world for colonization. these machines can replicate, like starfish. when one is damaged, and pieces break off, the original repairs itself and the pieces form into their own organism, and both become resistant to the type of damage that was dealt. when asked what could prevent the machines from turning on the orokin, the creator states that the journey through the interstellar rail, through the void, would destroy them. poisoned by the void, and adaptive to damage? sounds like these things and the sentients have a lot in common. not to mention that we know that the sentients, when broken apart, repair themselves. That's how all the sentient enemies came to be. after passing through the void, even just for the moment it takes to make the jump between rails, hunhow was unable to replicate himself naturally. he let himself be destroyed, broken apart, and the fragments were formed into the sentient units we now fight in missions. they have no free will of their own, and are just extensions of his body. most of this is just conjecture on my part but still, given the information, it fits.

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    • The Infestation was created by the Sentients to combat the Orokin

      Sorry, but its the other way around the infested(technocyte virus) was created by the orokin to combat the sentients, cause the orokin were gettin thier asses kicked, but it backfired. After that the waframes were created by the orokin to kill the sentients. 

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    • You are all wrong. Guys the infestation wasnt created by anyone. It first appeard on earth and infected a lot of people betwen them was also Hyden Tenno. after that play dark sector


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    • The first guy is right. Have any of you even READ the imprints? It clearly states that the Sentients were made by the Orokin. And the Orokin ARE humans who have left Earth after it became inhabitable and made the Moon their main base. The Infested were made to attack the Sentients but got out of hand quickly so the Orokin settled with Tenno to beat the Sentients. Dark Sector has been confirmed by the devs to not be a prequel to Warframe and is not cannon to the lore of Warframe. Idiots.

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    • Also how can the Sentients be "scatterd remnents of humans?" They're robots. And the man was on trial because the Orokins main law was that no machine can be sentient. Hence the name. I also think the man might be Alad V. Idk why tho...

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    • Ancients look a hell of a lot like sentients too.

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    • Just to clarify... Orokin were the Humans that lived in the Orokin Empire.

      The Orokin made both the Infestation and Sentients.

      The individual who made the Sentients was Archimedian Perintol as per Detron Crewman Synthesis.

      Dark Sector is not Canon as per DE.

      Infested Ancients are not Sentients.

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    • Until we get clarification, there is no reason to think Alad V is any more of an Orokin as we know them than any other Corpus. Salad might be worse than a cockroach in terms of survivability over the years, but there's nothing to suggest, at least that I know of, that Corpus are immortal. Hell, I don't think they've ever said anything about their lifespans, or even how long the Orokin themselves could live on.

      The Orokin are all dead, Warframe has continued to reinforce that with lore and dialogue with no hint of survivors. Either they were slain by Sentients, betrayed by the Tenno and slaughtered like they deserved, became a traitor like Margulis and ended up suffering fates worse than death, or were Corpus, bottom feeders of their society.

      We have yet to see what a Sentient actually, truly looks like, either. We've seen some of their drones and attack bots, but Hunhow has yet to show his true self beyond a garbled copy of the Lotus via communication screen, and obviously he is not just the sword, War. The Lotus is, as we know, just in the shape of Orokin, and obviously isn't a representation of the Sentients in either appearance nor demeanor. I have the feeling that we are going to be unpleasantly surprised to see what he looks like, whenever in coming years that DE gives us a cinematic quest to face off against him.

      Given the understandable rate of which they actually give us cinematic quests, however...that could be a very long time. We're still quite some time away from War Within, even, and that doesn't have to do with the Sentients as far as I can tell (which, honestly, is a good thing. It's been a long time since the Grineer or the Corpus have had a spotlight beyond being fodder for our space ninjas to slice up, or Balor Fomorians that we continually just trash every time they pull one out.)

      It's time the Corpus and/or Grineer became somewhat of an actual threat to the Origin System again.

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    • there are 2 confirmed survivors, the grineer queens where we find out about kuva and continuity

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    • One is an orokin, while worm is just normal grineer mutation. Teshin Dax, is the other remaining orokin. Ballas is one too but i assume he's dead and the prime trailers is just him presenting his creations.

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    • Kuria, both Queens are Orokin transfered into Grineer bodies through continuity.

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    • 2001:1970:501A:7800:BDD6:2BB9:19B:8A00 wrote:
      One is an orokin, while worm is just normal grineer mutation. Teshin Dax, is the other remaining orokin. Ballas is one too but i assume he's dead and the prime trailers is just him presenting his creations.

      Teshin is not orokin himself, his surname "dax" meaning he's one of the mercenaries the orokin employed. So far Ballas has been the only orokin that has been shown (hadn't been shown by the time you wrote this though), so I think that's what most orokin looks like. 

      The cephalon fragments describe the orokin as manipulating organic life both functionally and visually, which one would assume also includes themselves. Ordan Karris (Ordis) describes them as having "radiant bodies" and "delicate throats". The appearance of Ballas is more in line with this.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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