• So what's going to be better, Tiberon?  Or Burston Prime?  Burston Prime may have lower damage, but it has the augment mod and also has higher status chance.  Whereas the Tiberon has closer bursts and higher damage, but much lower status and no augment.  Further into late game, what will perform better?

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    • I find Burston P more effective against Infested, it is more agile, greater magazine, faster rate of fire and burst period, along with the augment, I'd recommend Speed Trigger. Burstfire is bugged in WF, inconsistent, and can only be overcome by sheer ammount of firerate.

      Tiberon is able to dish out more damage, but you might find it a bit sluggish on smaller ranges in consistent combat since it has a small mag, slow rate of fire (though still better than Hind), and slower reload. It's bursts are tighter, however, while at a lower accuracy rating. This makes Heavy Caliber a very viable mod to use for Tiberon, which pushes its DPS beyond what Burston can, which cannot equip HC without serious hinderment to accuracy.

      Considering the hardship you need to endure to make either of the weapons... Well, one is a Prime, a more common one, but still Prime. The other one is a Frankenstein weapon, making you build a Latron beforehand and even requiring Forma.

      In the end, for late-game, I rather use Tiberon, since the augment of Burston starts to fall short on the radial damage at that point. Unless you are to face Infested in some sort of an alert, or a long ODS/ODD. Then, I prefer Burston because of it's sustained firepower. Regardless of what you choose, though, don't go too careless on ammo.

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    • a year later i come up and say: bursto ps status chance is great. i usually mod vs corrupted, so i can use my dual-stat mods to do corrosive. you can then trade tox for heat for grineer and cold for corpus. not sure about sorties, since i tend to stay away from those. as for fire rate, just use maxed ST for bursts as fast as you can click/pull the trigger. finally, get slash mods for this one. you can cut an enemy in 3 with one burst

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    • A Lone Tenno
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