• Hello i'm trying to get the Gorgon blueprint but is it only tier 2-3 and not higher? Or do you still have a chance to get it on rank 4?

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    • If you, by tier, mean Mastery Rank, that's only the minimum requirement to use it. It doesn't matter if you reach a higher mastery rank ,

      you'll always be able to forge and use it. 

      Instead, if you're talking about the daily log-in reward, it's simply random, nothing more, nothing less. You just have to wait and cross your finger to obtain the BP.

      I hope I was able to explain,


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    • The Gorgon blueprint is only available as a login reward, and it's of equal chance to all other weapon blueprints that can be received as a login reward. It's not available on the first tier, but it is for the second and third (3 days and 7 days, respectively, of logging in daily). There is no tier 4 for the login rewards.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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