Testing PvE stuff by doing PvP thing... ain't that a bit weird? Well. Unfortunately, nobody want to test it with me so I have to stick to PvE side of things.

I decided to do the easily doable ones so I first went to Ker, Ceres and found a lvl 34 Bombard. His rockets deal 255 damage to shield and 47 damage to health. That's just impossible if my Chroma armor is Alloy.

But there's also TarMOA so I went to Saxis, Eris and found a lvl 31 TarMOA. Its tar deals 12 damage per tick to shield and 13 per tick to health. Again. Impossible for Alloy armor damage modifier.

Hope this will finally clear that armor myth up.

Well there's still a Detron crewman but that one took me 2 and a half hours to finally determine the per pellet damage so, nope, I'll leave that to you.

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