• I been rocking with the Cronus for far too long and I think it's time to look for a replacement. Currently I'm using a modded Heat dagger as a placeholder but I need something that can be both deadly and fast yet the stats I look over for the other weapons are either too expensive or not up to snuff to take on Europa and Sedna enemies.

    Got any Melee suggestions, I would love to hear some in the comments below.

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    • orthos would fit and is easy to build

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    • wrote: orthos would fit and is easy to build

      Not bad I'll give it a try just need to know if the blueprint has to be scavenged or bought from the market?

      A little concerned about the hit boxes but hopefully the damage outweighs this problem

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    • The Orthos Blueprint is from the market. The Orthos Prime is from the Void.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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