• Hi. I want to have a nice dagger to use with dagger stances.

    After I tried all three daggers, the Ceramic dagger can just go to hell!

    Now I'm left with two daggers, Dark and Heat.

    They're both good, really good in their own way but I want to keep only one.

    Here's some comparision I've made

    Heat dagger:

    The good

    • Forced Heat b Heat proc on slam! Good for stalling or doing huge damage to a group of enemies while invis.
      • Has physical damage, I love slash and puncture damage.
      • Higher overall damage.

      The bad

      • Slower attack speed.
      • Half status chance!
      • Cannot have more than 2 type of elemental damage.

      Dark dagger:

      The good

      • Innate Radiation b Radiation damage. That means it can have up to 3 elemental damage!
        • Good proc chance!
        • A little faster attack speed.

        The bad

        • No physical damage. They all die with their armor/body intact! Unacceptable!!!
        • Lower damage.

        Arghh! I'm torn between them! Please, somebody help me tip my scale!

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