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    Tired of battling in the dark sectors over nothing? Credits.... Are a few credits worth your sweat and toil? Flame and Shadow throws off the yoke of the rail for something more. Founded by Smaug and Anbu Black Ops, we seek to build community over territory. A mercenary force to keep evil powers in check.

    Our founders have battled over rails with a monster alliance and found it lacking. Where's the camaraderie, where's the fun? Flame and Shadow is different. We are building an extended family of mature, respectful players that can get together for alliance game nights including exciting competitions for fun and prizes. Expand your network and strike the evil empires in shadow.

    We're looking for like-minded ghost/shadow clans that want more. Only have 5 players or have 30, all good with us as long as you're into fun without sectors. Will we someday get engaged in dark sectors? It's up to you, our members to decide. Respond here or contact Adonais or WILL237 in game.

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    • Hey I would like to join the alliance clan name: Bleeding Dragons

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    • A Lone Tenno
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