• It would be really appriciated if you could add videos using the existing galleries, instead of adding them as files to pages. Thank you.

    To add a video to a gallery simply put the filename in a new line above the </gallery>.

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    • I am fixing the existing galleries right now. Would you mind adding your Boltor Prime video like you added the rest of your videos instead of putting a link there? Would really help to keep the layout and functionality clean ;)

      EDIT: Same goes for your Gorgon wraith video on the Tethra's Doom page

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    • Fixed the galleries, hope i got all :/ Next time pleeeeeease use the galleries the way everyone else does :)

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    • I am not quite sure what you mean, usually  I go to edit media and click the add video button, as I am adding a video. The pages are quite confusing on the process of adding photos/videos and my apologies for doing it wrong.

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    • For some pages you did it in fact the right way :)

      Others (after what you said i guess the ones without the "click to add media"-button) require you to go to the source code and add the media manually. Here comes the twist.. you use the "Add Video" button in the "Add features and media" dropdownmenu on the right hand side. But in this case that is not the intended way to do it. Instead go in source mode and simply create a new line above the </gallery>-tag add the Filename in there.

      I will contact an admin capable of changing fundamental stuff here to make this easier to understand, if you are not using source mode ~

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    • Much appreciate the information I will try work my hardest to make it right based on the situation of the page.

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    • You did it again o_o

      If you are using the visaul editor -> mouseover over the bottom element -> modify -> add your vid there. In source mode (which i suggest using for this purpose) do as i said above. DO NOT use the "Add media" button in the right hand side dropdownmenu.

      Fixed it, just the the source mode changes to see how it is done :)

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    • Well my apologies for the mistake again. I have said I will try to work on it, but obviously I still misunderstood what/where to edit.  I now understand a bit better what element you have been talking about.

      In the future I ask that you don't come back with what feels to be a rude comment on a simple mistake. Rather you could have said okay, I see your issue and what you seem to be misunderstanding in our conversation and here is how to correct that for future updates.

      Again thank you for correcting it and I will try my best to get this right when adding content to pages, but I am not perfect.

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    • Uhhh, sorry for sounding rude, i did not mean to! :s
      And you are right to tell me, cause that is a mistake i made, which might be even worse (in a sense that we, the wiki, might loose a contributer) then the mistakes you made. At that point i was a little surprised and not factual anymore, sorry again.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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