• Do you have proof? I've been keeping an eye on non-Corrupted infested leaders and they appeared to use the name "Leader" instead of Elder. only Corrupted Ancients are named Elder as far as I know.

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    • I could've sworn they all use the Elder name, but I cleared out my screenshot archive the other night since it was getting a bit clogged.

      I'll keep my eyes peeled for any more instances of Elders vs Leaders.

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    • Okay, I just now saw a Caustic Ancient Elder, basetype Toxic Ancient, in an Invasion mission. It seems like the commons (charger/runner/etc.) probably use Leader, whereas Ancients use Elder.

      Ed: Screencap:

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    • huh curious! i'll see if i can get hold of a screenshot with an Ancient Leader. i suspect some naming inconsistency between different game modes.

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    • Possibly. I haven't been able to find any Leader-typed Ancients in Derelict missions yet, but here's another from an Invasion - this time a Sanguine (Disruptor) Ancient Elder. Well, probably a Disruptor. This mission hasn't spawned any Toxics or Healers. Infested spawn tables are a little weird sometimes.


      Ed: Found another. Sanguine Toxic Elder during an Exterminate Alert.

      Ed2: Okay, maybe it depends on the prefix? Energy-Leech type Ancient in Invasion, suffix Leader:

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    • A Lone Tenno
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