• Hello all!

    I'm seeking a good clan to join as well as also just looking for some good friends to play with.

    As for a clan, I'd like to join one which, no offence, doesn't have a silly name or something like it. You know, no numbers, no !!! or ??? in them.

    I'm friendly and loyal, and am always happy to help those who want it or need it.

    As for friends, like I said above, I'm friendly and loyal, so I'm the kind that's happy to give a hand to new players. In example - For a new player, I'd be more than happy to join them on Mercury just as a guardian, in other words, I'd let them do as much of the killing as possible so they get the most exp they can do, and if they fall, then I'll revive them, or if they get outnumbered or swarmed, then I'd jump in to give them a hand.

    As for the kind of player I am, I'm pretty hardcore. I collect as many resources as I can and am happy to donate some to the clan I join as well as keep up with donations now and then with anything I have an excess amount of.

    For any wishing to get in touch with me, I'm online often, but mostly at the weekends as I work in the weekdays and you can contact me under my name of Arcinul.

    Looking forward to making friends and joining a good, decent clan!

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    • you sir, are the kind of guy we are loooking for on potato soup, sure the name is a little silly, but we are small, and eager to get up to size with some of the best clans out there. We are on sometimes, not all times though. We too, are looking to make friends, and are also pretty hardcore. We like to play stealthily, although most times it doesnt work. We are lower levels, but we hope you can overlook that and join us.

      Msg me in-game at sethcav, and looking forward to having you on our team. 

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    • Go to my clan called Space Shurikens.

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    • Greetings, if you wish to join a casual, fun clan. You could join ours. Our clan is knight themed and so is our dojo. Our labs are currently being built in progress. We have kind-hearted players like yourself. We farm, fight, and work together. What platform are you on, sir?

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    • A Lone Tenno
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