• I'm planning on doing a raw power damage build for my Nova, and I'm currently working on getting Blind Rage and Fleeting Expertise. If I were to combine a maxed Streamline (+30% PE) and FE (+60% PE), I get +90% power efficiency, which goes above the hard cap of 75%. If I then equip a maxed Blind Rage (–55% power efficiency), would I retain the +35% power efficiency from Streamline and FE?

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    • I'd also like to know this.

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    • i had the same exact question, searched on google and came upon this..

      would a kind and wise strange please bless us with his/her knowledge?

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    • I have all three mods and I do spend less energy casting abilities, however I haven't exactly done any testing nor have I decided to max out those mods, but as they are now you should be receiving that 35% energy efficiency. I'll get back to this when I have done actual tests with my warframes.

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    • yes

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    • Ability cost = base_ability_cost * (1 - S_% - FE_% - BR_% - helmet_%)
      • Base_ability_cost: the default ability cost.
      • S_%: the Power Efficiency of Streamline
      • FE_%: the Power Efficiency of Fleeting Expertise
      • BR_%: the Power Efficiency of Blind Rage
      • helmet_%: the Power Efficiency of the alternate helmet

      This formula includes Blind Rage into consideration.

      So the answer is yes, you will retain the 35% power effeciency if you comine these 3 maxed mods.

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    • Lol i had this question as well.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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