• What is the best mod layout for the scindo

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    • Dunno about best, but here's what I use on my Manticore:

      1. Fury

      2. Pressure Point

      3. Jagged Edge

      4. Rending Strike

      5.Energy Charge

      6. Fever Strike

      7. Reach

      8. Killing Blow (1 shy of max)

      Stance: Rending Crane

      This uses all available energy points and does massive damage with each swing. It's still quite slow, but more than capable of carving through entire packs of infested through sheer damage alone. Channel it, and you'll reliably inflict ridiculous amounts of damage with each and every swing of this beast.

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    • Max Fury, Max Pressure Point, Max Jagged Edge, Max Rending Strike, Max Spoiled Strike. You will have to decide yourself which mods you want other than that, the thing is, Scindo is for raw DMG builds, so if you can, get the Manticore Axe skin.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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