• As for now there were only three types of trigger - auto, semi-auto and charge. But shouldn't we consider Vectis being bolt-action, instead of semi-auto?

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    • technically it's neither trigger - auto or semi-auto. it's single shot.

      a bolt-action has the point you have to manually insert a new bullet, either from a clip or by opening the bolt and inserting a new bullet.

      semi-auto has automatic reloading but no full-auto mode (hold trigger and it keeps firing)

      a 'reload' after each shot will be most favourable for us, else you have a semi fast reload between shots, but after a number of shots you have to reload the clip itself.

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    • ^

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    • yeah it's not technically "bolt action" but after each shot you don't really reload, notice how your warframe lifts up the front part then activates something. it is bolt action in the tenno universe.

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    • maybe they went to the vanu and got thier SR in a wierd form. XP

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    • It's definitely not a bolt-action as far as I'm concerned because there's no bolt to pull, or being pulled.

      The purpose of the 'bolt-action' as we know it is to provide manual control over the process of ejecting a spent casing and chambering a new one, which provides significantly higher accuracy as there isn't any jerking about going in the rear of the gun from an automatic/semi-auto action.

      The Vectis, though, I see no casings ejected in use, so a bolt-action would be effectively just for show to open the chamber for loading (breech loading). But it appears to just pop up the rear portion like a lid when firing, so, again, no bolt to pull. The 'frame just inserts a round there and smacks it down.

      The semi-automatic definition however is technically still correct if the Vectis is ejecting casings. A semi-automatic weapon by definition uses a system (such as recoil or gas from the fired round) to eject a spent casing and/or load a new one.

      Or at least that's what I know about guns.

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    • From my observations, -technically- the Vectis is a semi-auto in that it does automatically "open" the breech for the next round, but is also a bolt-action in that each round must be loaded individually, resulting in said auto-opening breech to be operated. Its really more of an "assisted breach" weapon than either term previously mentioned. And thats my 2 cents on the matter.

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    • It's neither.  It's a single shot rifle and a round is inserted each time.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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