• Greetings!

    This is an announcement regarding the completion of WARFRAME Wiki site policies, which for the most part are crucial instructions on how to keep things consistent, and of course, policies on every dos and don'ts that both senior and new members are expected to follow.

    Reviews and feedback are welcome. If there's anything regarding policies that you want to correct, add, or remove, feel free to comment here or contact an administrator.

    Here are the 7 most essential policy pages:

    The main table of content of policies page, which includes general policies that applies to all pages in this Wiki. Everything below can be found in this page.

    The Ultimate Guide. How to use Source Mode, How to use Templates, What is this {{blahblah}} thing?? Instructions on how to style pages in Wiki.

    Wanna upload some pictures?videos? Wonder how and where to put them? Everything about contributing medias.

    Wanna create a new page? Not so fast, make sure it is an Article material before you publish a new page. It also explains how to rename an article and add categories.

    If it's not an article material then you probably wanna make a blog. What to and what not to blog are all listed here.

    We value all sorts of data, regardless datamined or not, but neither DE or the Wiki are responsible for them. If you want to datamine or trust datamined information, do it at your own risk.

    Fellow players and contributors are allies, not enemies! Work together!

    Home page buttons for some of these pages are being made.

    Thanks, ChickenBar

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