• From the darksector trailer I saw it seems the grineer and corpus might have had been one army. Because it had grineer units and a jackal like robot.

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    • the jackal is produced by grineer. you can see that in 2 ways: some grineer ships have a jackal onboard (inactive) and the jackal fires bullets, no lasers

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    • Jackals onboard grinner ships might a war trophies. Grins are probably just studying them for weak spots or reverse-engineering. But bullet\explosive weapons on Jack is a strong argument though

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    • Someone explain to me what a Shadow Tech is? It' is mentioned the tech tab of crewman enemies in corpus. Either it's real or it's a troll but if anyone finds out post the information here please.

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    • I don't know what that is I but when I find out what it is I will tell you

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    • its tech you get from nekros ability shadows of the dead

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    • With damage 2.0, Corpus weapons deals mostly Puncture Damage wich deals more damage against armor targets, and Grineer ones deals mostly Impact Damage, dealing more damage to shielded enemies... even, either facton have weapons (Flux Rifle, Ignis) with does more damage to Infested...

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    • As much as the Jackal using rockets and the like makes it seem like a grineer Bombard.

      The Jackal Is Corpus.

      This is why corpus containers (cylindars grey/green) are dropped from the ceiling

      This is why you fight through crewmen and moas to get to it.

      This is why there are Moa pods (potentially hackable) on the way to it

      This is why the map tileset is corpus.

      This is why the MineLayer drones can fly into the fight and drop a billion yellow energy orbs of explodiness while you hammer away at the jackal.

      The Jackal is corpus.

      Also. The -other- Jackal mentioned is not inactive. The One I found was moving/breathing-like 

      Grineer seem to like making taunts about Hanging your warframe on their wall/etc.. War trophy seems logical.

      AS for corpus damage

      from what I've seen, Corpus use mostly laser/beam related tech.

      To which do radiation damage, 

      Radiation damage deals -high- "punch through" to alloy armor. Which Tenno (most or all)and some grineer are classified to have.

      Grineer have mostly impact as stated, though. Aside from the Miter (slash with a fairly high  proc chance it seems) and generally a large amount of what seems to cause slash/bleeding from a large number of their higher level units.

      Grineer - Impact, heat, slash, blast. (high to low)

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    • ^ That... was stupid. 

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    • ^ I agree... the first few about the tileset and moa stuff is all PART OF TILESET (idiot), another noob? :P

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    • Theres this wonderous thing called lore mate, also, the "jakal" themed in Dark sector seems to be VERY old (Darksector being before the tenno) So the ORIGINAL jakal idea may very well have come from grineer, then salvaged and updated by the corpus.

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    • The Corpus are Trader, as far i know, there are corpus who sell corpus tech to grinners and Tenno, so why not selling  a modified jackal and keep a more advanced one (original jackal) to stay in the fight.

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    • Try... i dont know... listening to the lotus during the jackal mission?  she clearly says it is created by the corpus.

      stop blasting brazilian wubstep yodeling through your headset, or read the subtitles.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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