• As of Update 10, the first tip listed is not entirely true. Tip says: "Adding a rank 1 Wildfire will give you 1 extra bullet, a rank 5 Magazine Warp will give you 2 extra bullets." this statement is true if either mod is installed but... "Combine Magazine Warp and Wildfire for a total of 8 bullets in the clip." is NOT true at those levels. However, if Wildfire is maxed at 20% (rank 3, mod cost 9) and Magazine Warp is maxed at 30% (rank 5, mod cost 9) this will give a total magazine capacity of 50%. This factors out as 5 x .50 or 2.5 which should give the user 3 extra shells.

    Please fix this tip.

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    • Hey I just tested it in-game and I only have 8 shots with max Magazine Wrap and max Wildfire.

      Also, with your math I think you made a mistake. If you start with a base of 5 shots (100% modifier gives us the base) and you add 50% (this would now make the modifier 150%) then you would need to multiply the base and the modifier 5*1.50==7.5 which rounded up is 8.

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    • Fail...

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    • So that first comment was handicapped xD We all established that this guy meant an extra 50%, excuse his typo. But the fact is true. A max rank Wildfire and Magazine warp are needed for a larger clip size

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    • A Lone Tenno
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