• hey. thanks for all the work you do. I am working on a new look for the wikia. what kind of things would you like to see changed most? 

    here is the test page i am working with.

    please take a look at the warframes page, and the ash page. we have done a lot of work to really make them spiffy. 

    any input is desired. thanks! 

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    • I like the colours (background, font) used in that wiki, feels easy to look at compared to this one. However, I noticed that Table of Contents (example: Mods) border colour is too similar with the background. Switching it to use the same colour as Heading 2's underline colour would make it much more consistent.

      The infobox template for Warframe looks neat with the new style. With some variation of colours (like how Mass Effect Wikia did with ME3 weapons) its going to look real nice.

      However, navigation boxes for Warframes, Weapon, and Planets are not being consistent. Warframes have it in one line, while Weapons have it listed top down. It looks messy.

      When I created Navboxes on this wiki, I followed (roughly) how wikipedia does it:

      • Table Header is the main category of contents.
      • Subcategories start from left column.
      • Entries are separated with •

      It ends up with a nice, compact, and easy to navigate navboxes (Although table rows could benefit with alternating background colours).

      The current navboxes could benefit with some styling, similar to how WarframeNavVisual is styled on NotWarframe.

      WarframeNavVisual might need a bit of rework, as it currently list every Warframe in one row. It doesn't look like it can sustain new additions in the future.

      If I recall correctly you need permission to access Common.css and Wikia.css. You'll need to contact Rebecca from Digital Extremes (Rebulast) about that. PM her on Warframe forum about it. She also can provide images for the wiki (e.g. official weapon images for weapon infobox).

      Great work! I'm looking forward to the new look.

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    • That is excellent input! thank you. 

      I am actually an admin, via Rebulast (DERebecca). so I have most all privs. 

      the weapons nav table ended up not behaving. it was an experiment that I thought I might change all tables to, but like you say, its just not working out. guess ill stick to the standards, with some fun styling. alternating colours on tables is something i plan to implement site wide. 

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    • I think dark BG color aint match blue color of navigation panel ('On the Wiki' etc, blue is too dark) and color of categories on main (it's oversaturated).

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    • Is that possible to replace icon for unregistered users to 'darksector's blossom' ? (You should know, default avatar in warframe an logo on twitter)

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    • that would be nice. i asked some people. but so far no one knows how to change it.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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