• Welcome to Imperial Dragons! If your soul is that of a Dragon, Wolf, phoenix & any other beast or creature this is your home. We are a close-knit clan dedicated to keeping a casual, fun, and welcoming atmosphere. We strive to give our members the best clan experience Warframe has to offer. If you are interested in unleashing the soul inside you & bringing on your warrior spirit, please leave a comment below or message one of us in game!

    What We Offer

    • A very active, friendly, and helpful community.

    • We are a Moon Clan with 950-1000 members at all times.

    • Co-Founders of the Moonlapse Alliance, a close-knit community of 4000 members.

    • Our Dragon Dojo has all amenities including: drydock, lich room, and full research.

    • Eidolon hunting, Arbitrations, and other types of content are regularly hosted.

    • Many promotion possibilities for those that are active and engaged.

    • Discord server with guides, announcements, giveaways, voice and more!

    Our Rules

    • Be Respectful to both clan and alliance members, especially Officers. We definitely do not tolerate racist/derogatory behavior. Additionally be mindful of how you conduct yourself outside of clan chat (i.e Region, Alliance) as you are still a representative of the clan.

    • Please refrain from political/religious/ideological discussions.

    • If you are to be inactive for a long period of time please inform a clan Officer beforehand. We reserve the right to remove Recruits after 25 days of inactivity.

    • Currently, we require new recruits to be MR 6+, exceptions made for friends of clan-mates.

    Join Now! Interested Tenno please comment below with the following information:

    1. Your in-game name

    2. How often you play during a typical week (see inactivity policy above)

    3. Your Mastery Rank (Note: MR 6+ is required)

    4. What you are looking for in a clan

    We will respond as soon as possible! Reminder: Make sure you exit your clan before leaving a comment. Contacts: ASHERATOR, Kryssal, JohnBoomy, Groundkeeper, Hydranut, LunarFox777, SheGore, Anduron_Lazul, Typholosion

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    • 1. TheEpicGamer28

      2. Ive only recently started playing the game, however current play time over the past 4 days is 53 hours.

      3. I am currently at MR 4. i have seen the requirment but i am responding now as within the next 2 days i will be at the minimum requirement.

      4. People to play with as well as gain useful tips and advice as I progress

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    • 1) Achilles9ts

      2) I play daily for at least 2 hours. Typically morning to early afternoon time with some game time later at night. 

      3) Currently MR 10. 

      4) I am looking for an active group of people to enjoy the game with. There is still so much for me to learn in this game and I feel a good strong clan is something that will help me progress and enjoy the game even more. 

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    • Invites are out but TheEpicGamer28 you did not leave your clan so you will not receivce the invite.  Achilles9ts we have a fully leveled Nitro Boosted Discord for the clan & alliance that has its link on our in game messge of the day.  I would definetely recommend joining it as we have lots of builds, mechanics, and general game discussions that will allow you to take your game to the next level.  We also increase members ranks by one when they join so when you join ask one of our leaders to promote you..

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    • 1.) GrimJr74

      2.) I play almost 6 hours a day (due to quarantine).

      3.) My MR is 8.

      4.) I hopefully want meet people more, get my MR higher and know get to know tips and mod builds. I

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    • 1) JarJarPro

      2) ~2h a day thanks to Covid

      3) MR 8

      4) Have a place to both use (for crafting) and contribute to and also find squads to play with

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    • Alright invites have been sent :)

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    • Hi!

      1) AgentLuciferPrime.

      2) 2h/day 14h/week in normal conditions .

      3) MR 4 i know i know but can we make a  tiny little exception .....pleeeease }:-)

      4) some friends to play and learn the game with maybe have some chat or listen to music togther while playing i believe that is all what i'm looking for .

      hope i can join (Fingers crossed)

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    • Hey!

      1) Grandhoy

      2) 10+ hours a week (depending on how busy I am IRL)

      3) MR 16

      4) Some people to play with and chat to.

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    • 1- Sir_Zig 2- A couple hours a week. 3- MR16 4- Find new people, use and contribute with dojo activities.

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    • 1. bismaarck

      2. almost every day (maybe 1-2 hours per day under the week, longer on weekends)

      3. MR 13, Trial for MR 14 not completed yet

      4. looking for an inviting and friendly group of players to support each other 

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    • 1. Dismasik33

      2. Daily or every other day for 3+ hours or so

      3. MR 18

      4. Just looking for some people to hang out with and grind. Also to learn a bit that I don't know already!

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    • wrote:
      1. Dismasik33

      2. Daily or every other day for 3+ hours or so

      3. MR 18

      4. Just looking for some people to hang out with and grind. Also to learn a bit that I don't know already!

      Name is Dimasik33, typo accidentally 

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      1. co_p12
      2. More than an hour a day rn, will probably be less later.
      3. MR 6
      4. Research and people to learn from, I've had my account for 2 years but I know almost nothing.
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    • 1. teebee101

      2. around 6 hours almost everyday

      3. MR 16

      4. Mainly researches and people that would kindly guide me in Warframe.

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    • Just to confirm invites went out to all and are in your inboxes.

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      1. Ypsen971
      2. 3H+/day
      3. MR9
      4. People to play with :)
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      1. Kirosana33
      2. 2H+/days
      3. MR 6
      4. People to play with, and help to understand better the game !

      Thank you !

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    • 1. GilderienTheWise

      2. 4h+/day

      3. MR 6

      4. People to play with and have fun in game. Also I need guidance in game :)

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    • Officially welcome to all the new Dragons.  i saw some have already accepted the invite in their in game mailbox.  Let one of us know when you join the Discord and we can Promote your clan rank as well :)

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    • 1. Senix111

      2. 1-3h/day

      3. MR6

      4. I really don't know much so a place to ask for advice and to find people to party with :)

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    • 1. sharungfx

      2. Daily from 9pm IST to 10:30PM IST (I know thats a weird time for you guys but if anyone happens to be playing early in the morning hey ill be there xd) Also whenever I feel like I'll be online other times as well

      3. MR7

      4. People to play with. When my friend isn't online I either solo stuff which gets harder in later bounties/nodes or I rely on the public matchmaking in which case no one joins :( so yeah people to play with

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    • watchmewhipple1

      i play too much almost every day 

      MR 18 almost 19

      last can was never really active and I just wanted a new clan wth active people to play with.

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    • Welcome aboard all :)  make sure to join the discord in the clans message of the day

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    • Hope all of you enjoyed TennoCon...It was exciting to see Warframe as the top game on Twitch and loving the discussions it is stirring up :).

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    • 1. DevInferno 2. Almost Daily 3.MR7 4. Just got back into the game, looking for an active clan to play with

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    • 1. theblazerhero 2. 3-6 hrs per day 3. MR 10 4. people to play with

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    • 1. ctctomson

      2. 2-4 hours per day

      3. MR6

      4. Well... we all know what it is .... its all about the blueprint

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      1. Your in-game name kramstoshke
      2. How often you play during a typical week (see inactivity policy above) 1-4h a day
      3. Your Mastery Rank (Note: MR 6+ is required) MR14
      4. What you are looking for in a clan blueprints and eidolon t.t farming
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    • 1. H3ROShiFt

      2, 15 min to 2 hour a day

      3. MR18

      4. Teammates

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      1. IGN: DetectiveSloth0115
      2. Activity: I usually play everyday for at least a few hours or a whole day. It mostly depends if there's something to do or not
      3. MR: 17
      4. What you are looking for in a clan: Teammates for farming and missions (maybe even make a few friends), and blueprints ; p
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    • 1) JellyKidd

      2) About 10-15hrs a week

      3) MR 10

      4) A place to find teamates, chat and use crafting. 

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    • 1) Murdering_Tart

      2) around 2 hrs a day

      3) MR 7

      4) just kinda want to hang out 

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      1. Arlexa
      2. 12-40 
      3. 10
      4. Friendly, kind people in the clan. Somewhere to join discussion, and group up
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    • A Lone Tenno
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