• Apex Legions is now recruiting all MR players

    We are a med Mountain  Clan which is expanding day by day thanks to our amazing vets & new players and a Large Alliance active Discord server

    About us:

    • We currently have 160+ members and expanding
    • Daily Active Helpful Chill Vets and staff 
    • Dojo research is 100% done Drydock Included (The clan will assist those without railjack yet)
    • Beautiful Fully Decorated Dojo by Different tastes
    • Amazing clan Emblem
    • Weekly Giveaway to support new & active members
    • Daily Clan Trido/Arbi/Long Survivals
    • Help newer players to grow with us
    • Toxic & Salt free clan
    • Part of the amazing Moonlapse Alliance 
    • We do not force you to contribute
    • Max Inactivity Kick with warning (Scaling) 30DAYS (PM one of the Warlords for Leave)

    How to join:

    • Pm my IGN: Endronth Or if im Offline PM the following staff's which would be happy to accept you into our community
    • EdgePT
    • _SIKAYDA_
    • Nezergy
    • Or preferably directly to our discord server: & post your IGN
    • You can also post your IGN here to receive an invite
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    • A Lone Tenno
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