• Who are we?: We are a new dojo for all Mastery levels, Trying to gather a nice community and help new players. Me [Benji] The leader of the Shrek squad welcomes everyone to join the dojo and help make it function to 100% efficiency.

    What do we provide?: We provide help to everyone with Leveling up Frames and weapons, Helping grind for items, Doing basically everything people could need.

    Why should you join This dojo?: We think you should join this dojo because we are trying to gather a nice new community, We are no match for all the bigger Dojo's out there but i think we can make it work with the help of you guys, With help from you guys and help from me, we can make it all work.

    Giveaways?: When we reach member goals and when we gather things together, If people contribute to the dojo, etc. If people help out, we will be hosting Plat giveaways sometimes in the future. is our discord link where you can apply for dojo  (It's just an application that never gets denied, we just want to know you.)

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    • A Lone Tenno
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