• I saw that you added the rank 40 chart to Affinity. I want to discuss rank 40 weapons.

    To get to rank 30, you need 450,000 affinity for a weapon.

    To get to rank 32, wouldn't you need 450,000 (rank 30) + forma + 512,000 (rank 32) = 962,000 and rank 34: 450,000 + forma + 512,000 + forma + 578,000 = 1,540,000 ... ?

    You can't get to rank 32 without forma. You need to accumulate the lower ranks' affinity just to get back to 30, 32, ... You need to forma five times.

    Put another way, you have to earn Rank 0-30, 0-32, 0-34, 0-36, 0-38, and 0-40 to have a rank 40 weapon. Each two ranks requires a forma. And each forma requires the lower ranks be earned again.

    I argue

    32 450000 + forma + 512000 = 962000

    Or with implicit formas

    32 450000 + 512000 = 962000

    34 450000 + 512000 + 578000 = 1540000

    36 450000 + 512000 + 578000 + 648000 = 2188000

    38 450000 + 512000 + 578000 + 648000 + 722000 = 2910000

    40 450000 + 512000 + 578000 + 648000 + 722000 + 800000 = 3710000

    That is the "Cumulative Affinity Requirement" to get to rank 40. There is no way to get to rank 40 without earning 3,710,000 affinity.

    Put another way, no one would say it only took 450,000 affinity to have a weapon with one forma. They would say it took 900,000 affinity. I'm saying the same thing except accounting for the higher levels.

    Am I wrong? What do others say?

    Thanks for your work.


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    • That thinking is technically not wrong, the table does say "Cumulative" after all. But one could argue cumulative refers to the amount of affinity needed per Forma cycle, not grand total. Or rather that a per-Forma-cycle definition would be more useful and easier to understand than a grand-total definition.

      I think the simplest solution is just a change in title. I.e. instead of "Cumulative Affinity Requirements" it should maybe say "Total Affinity from Rank 0 Requirements". An actual cumulative total chart might cause confusion and be a presentation of info that could be easily misinterpreted.

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    • For now, I changed the title of the chart to better reflect what it is actually showcasing. You are right with the fact that the cumulative affinity needed is more than what's shown due to the fact you have Forma those weapons and re-level them up multiple times.

      Thanks for the heads up. Maybe in the future I'll look into adding more info on the true cumulative affinity needed.

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    • They would say it took 900,000 affinity. [...] Am I wrong?

      On this point, yes. No one really talks about how much it took in total to level a weapon to a certain forma-state. How much affinity you need to collect, to get to max rank in a single mission is more relevant, however.

      Also the growth of Affinity required per level is more easily gleaned from the current values. Meanwhile what you propose has little implications and can easily be calculated from provided values. The other way around theoretically too, practically not.

      So yeah, I'm in favor of keeping current values and not adding any additional ones, as they are likely to just confuse people. Personally I would just integrate them into the 0-30 table and make it 0-40 with a note that only few exceptions can pass 30 that mark

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    • A Lone Tenno
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