• Hey! I'm the one who added the formula ont the page recently.

    Before I begin thanks you for making this part of the page clearer. I just wanted to point out some things about the formula, and I'm not totaly sure about if or how it should be added to the page, so I'll just explain it here and hope you find a good way to do so.

    - First: is the correct formula shouldn't be 

    Total Speed=[307∗(1+Bonus % from Conic Nozzle)]+(Additional Engine Speed∗5)

    but instead 

    Total Speed=[rounded_down{307∗(1+Bonus % from Conic Nozzle)} ]+(rounded_down{Additional Engine Speed∗5})

    but this looks ugly and it would make a 1m/s difference at most.

    -Second : The displayed bonus speed of engines is rounded by closest by the UI, so it is possible to have engines giving +59km/h according to the UI but to only have a total speed of 601m/s instead of 602.

    -Third : I haven't been able to verify if the Sigma mk I, II and III variants works the same way, as most screenshots I've found about them were weird, so I just want to make sure you checked yourself before adding it.

    -Last : It could be a good idea to verify the actual in-game speeds to see if 1km/s really equals 5m/s or if this is an UI bug. I couldn't do it myself but maybe you know someone who can?

    If 1km/h = 3.6m/s then the best possible Vidar engines would be the best for normal speed, and the second best for boosted speed, but if 1km/h = 5m/s then the best Vidar engines would beat Lavan and Zetki engines for both normal and boosted speed, which I don't think is DE wants (see calc here : )

    That's it, thanks for your help!

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    • For the inclusion of rounding in formula I suggest use of hover-titles ala Base speed = 307 ∗ (1 + ConicNozzle-Bonus) + [...]. I don't have anything to say on the other points. Good work.

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    • Kiamy wrote:

      If 1km/h = 3.6m/s

      you mean 3.6km/h = 1m/s like IRL ? :)

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    • Croquemorttime wrote:

      Kiamy wrote:

      If 1km/h = 3.6m/s

      you mean 3.6km/h = 1m/s like IRL ? :)

      I really feel dumb right now haha, thanks for pointing this out (:

      And it can't be 1km/h = 3.6m/s in-game, this would make the Additional bonus speed almost useless compared to boost speed. I can't undestand why they used their own different km/h and m/s in-game for rj ..

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    • A Lone Tenno
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