• I am currently edditing Silva & Aegis to its Update 26.0 stats. I would like to ask 1) How to get the elemental iconsĀ and 2) How to remove the redtext saying the weapon isn't updated.

    If i should ask someone else instead, could you please suggest who that should be

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    • Rather than editing the page directly I'd prefer if you would enter the stats in Module:Weapons/data. Doing so will not only update the main page, but as well as any other page that displays its stats (Weapon Comparison, Silva & Aegis Prime, etc.), as well as get rid of the red notice and insert proc icons automatically.

      I can't remember if the module is protected or not right now, but if it is, or you don't feel comfortable editing it, feel free just to edit the main page as normal and I will transfer the changes over in the morning if someone hasn't already. Thank you!

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    • To get elemental icons, you would type {Icon|Proc|<Damage Type>} you can add the text by doing {Icon|Proc|<Damage Type>|Text}. Both will be surrounded by two {{ rather than one. The page FINNER linked will be locked to anonymous users but you can create an account to edit it.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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