• So since the last update I decided to go fishing on the Plains of Eidolon. I'm positioned on the bay on the bay side of a huge rock mass that is out in the bay. I am behind it and there is nothing that could be able to see me even if it walked the whole length of the beach! But Oh of course magically out of nowhere one of the flying grineer and his buddies starts shooting me. I've fished this area before many times and NEVER been detected.

    But that wasn't the only thing I had to put 4 of each fishing resource into the water before even 1 fish stirred! Never seen so few fish in the whole time I've fished this area and I've done it a lot! Also whenever I go to switch fishing spears if I choose the left most one in my wheel it goes to my weapon instead of selecting the fishing spear in that location. And so one spear is always not accessible!

    So between not seeing any fish for 15 or 20 minutes while I wasted fishing resources and not being able to access the spear I wanted to use when they did finally show up and then after just getting started actually seeing some fish to spear having the flying grineer and their bouncing betty buddies spot me (through a rock mass). Well lets just say it was fun. In fact you seem (you being the devs that build this thing) to aim your programming towards making every moment like a freaking nightmare mode. Where there is no let up from the fighting. I for one don't find any enjoyment in that. And though many will say then quit if you don't like it, well I love the mechanics of this game as to how the character is made and progresses and actually their movement and a lot of stuff is great.

    It's like you think if someone is actually enjoying the game then you haven't made it difficult enough? That seems to be the mentality I'm seeing.

    Why you continually try to make everything a nightmare mode so that you are constantly fighting instead of being able to do the other things that are supposedly possible in the area, like fishing and mining, I have no idea?

    You've got the Eidolons so you can't do much of anything at night except hunt or fish the bay. Well you used to be able to fish the bay, now that's gone. So why make it part of the way you can level your rep if you are going to make it near impossible to do it? You can't fight and fish at the same time?? Mining well you can sometimes get away with one or two in the middle of a fight but you can get to some caves and usually get yourself some mining time. Fishing just not possible if you don't allow and time when there's not a fight? And even mining is getting less likely in caves because i was followed in to one cave I chose by one of the tusk tumblers or whatever they're called. (the bouncing betty buddies) Those are not easy to solo with many characters. I mean really what was the purpose of adding them? You didn't give me any upgrade that I can use to fight them? The plains were already challenging with pop up ghoul grineer and the flying freaks that chase you over the map? And can't be lost you have to kill them to get away from them? What made you think those were necessary? If you want the plains to be that difficult put them on one of the later planets and not earth?

    Oh well, I'm sure plenty of super players that can afford to buy all the best equipment will trash me for saying anything but it's what I felt like saying.

    Lighten up some of us have heart problems and high blood pressure and don't need battle every minute we're in the game! :)


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