• Hi, I am a wild Chroma fanboy. So we know that Chroma is the dragon frame, he has wings, right? We know he has wings, it shows him using these said wings in the Chroma Prime preview shot holding the gram and rubico prime. Very stylish, but the thing is, we don't see these wings unless you use the effigy ability. Everyone hates spectral scream, everybody hates effigy, now here's what I was thinking; what if we replaced spectral scream or effigy with the ability to use Chroma's wings, while buffing/reworking the ability that isn't replaced. It could just be used as a dash action, it'll do impact procs alongside whatever element that chroma is using. maybe don't even replace any of the abilities, and just have it be part of chroma's passive, where you can hover in the air or glide farther distances. Let chroma have his wings

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    • A Lone Tenno
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