• Hey Digital Extremes, is there any chance to put the Night Claw Syandana in the game? A lot of people think that is a very good match with the Night Hunter Nidus skin and it would be amazing to see it ingame

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    • Given the current design of it, it would be incompatible with the current version of the skin. The syandana is dull in color, still has the cloth on the wings, and according to speculation that it was rejected for being too big in physical size.

      I want it in as much as the next person but unfortunately I don't know if the original creator of the Night hunter set is even working on it. After the warframe skin made it in, I have seen no progress on it.

      If you want to know if it is being refined, might wanna try and ask Mz-3 on steam about it. I'd ask him myself but I don't know if I should.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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