• In Khora's main page, under Acquisition, you need to change the percent chance number for the Khora Neuroptics Blueprint from 7.69 to 9.09(it was changed in update 25 I think), as well as the expected and nearly guranteed tabs' numbers for this part.

    You might also want to check Ash's MAIN page, the title is "Ash Prime" , and it should be changed to "Ash".

    Hope I helped, sorry for my bad english, I hope I was understandable. Hope the pictures help also. Thank you very much for editing the wiki and for helping us players!

    Annotation 2019-07-26 234945
    Annotation 2019-07-26 234820
    Annotation 2019-07-26 235058
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    • Not sure why you're messaging JARVII, but those issues have been fixed now, thanks for the heads up.

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    • FINNER, stop writing on the walls from others users when they don't required to you.

      Pyrdennis, you already have that thing corrected.

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    • JARVII, don't get hostile. You're message wall is public for everyone to see and open for anyone to reply. I took the liberty to reply (and will continue to anytime I see fit) because I saw the problems Pyrdennis brought up and wanted to let him know I fixed them.

      Obviously you do not need to reply further, so I'd suggest you close this thread before you do again.

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    • I am really sorry, I did not know who has been rensponsible for editing the wiki, so I found you JARVII fron recent wiki activity!(This was my first message about corrections in the wiki) Thank you for editing the pages FINNER!

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    • A Lone Tenno
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