• It's so tedious just to build one amp not everyone has time to go and farm all the standing and materials for one amp

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    • they are actually easy to get , just watch tutorial's , get some people with fish bait . etc...

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    • Stock up on baits and dye,┬áconsult a mining/fishing PoE map, pick an activity and┬áconcentrate on that; plot a course around PoE accordingly; set a few minute's time limit at each hotspot for fishing so you cycle and collect a variety (especially the rare high-value stuff), mining you can just go from point to point, but I recommend going caving for higher concentrations of minerals.

      When you go fishing, keep an eye out for Cetus wisps.

      After an hour or so of the above, you should have enough of everything to give substantial progress to a new amp, standing, materials, and all.

      Yes, it can be a repetitive activity, but so easy you can do it with your eyes closed, so put on your favourite tunes and cruise through the open-worlds for some relaxing Warfarming.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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