• Hi Twilight !

    when the Heist and Profit-Taker Orb pages were set-up, we kind of choose to describe the whole heist (the 4 bounties) on the orb page and then include that part in the heist page through a partial transclusion of the page with :
    (so that we write things only once)

    If we change the orb page to only include the phase 3 & 4 should we rewrite the Heist page to include the phase 1 & 2 ? (I would personally prefer to keep the whole heist on the orb page, but that can be discussed ^^ )

    thanks !

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    • Ah, hello!

      The reason I rewrote the Profit-Taker Orb page to the way it is was because I wanted to unify the format of the chapters we use for an already-released grand bosses such as Eidolon Teralyst, and in general to separate the walkthrough for the boss fight itself with the heist phases. 

      On retrospect, this was an oversight from my part. Related heists are just as article-worthy as the contents of the boss fight itself, and for this, I think the best solution would be to restore the lost Heist content in a chapter just under Strategy like the picture below, with slight edits to the Heist chapter to reduce content repeats.

      Any feedback?

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    • why not, but wouldn't that be an incredibly long page ? ^^

      alternatively we could just put the whole heist on the Heist page (with 4 phases + rewards) and just keep the strategy part related to the orb on Profit-Taker Orb and link to the heist page ... not sure what would be more readable :)

      I am not sure what to put for the Exploiter heist either... (since it is not really a heist to begin with... but that's another matter)

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    • There's nothing wrong about having a really long page but you have a good point. For the sake of organization and minimizing clutter, it would be better if the Profit-Taker Orb page would link the full Heist itself.

      Onto the Exploiter Bounty: "Heist" itself is a rather hazy term for the wiki. Exploiter Orb bounty is not a Heist and more of a bounty for the purpose of matchmaking, like Eidolon Hunts. And officially, the heist bounties are referred to in the patch notes as "Orb Heists" rather than "Heists". 

      However, they do plan on bringing back the Heist-like format to the third Orb Mother in development, so I do not think the whole term will be fully abandoned in the long run. All in all, for the lack of a better term and for the sake of searchability, it's better to leave the Exploiter "Heist" in, and just clarify it is just a matchmaking bounty.

      EDIT: Updated thoughts.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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