• Hi guys. I am quite new to the game, playing for a month or so. so bit of a noob. Just wanted to say a few thngs about my starter MAG, as I just completed building my 2nd.

    When I was first started playing, and was looking up, I saw a few negatives on mag. Now I am at MR 5, completed upto jupiter, and in retrospect, MAG is a great frame. I loved playing with her, her abilities are quite well suited to my playstyle as well. I had a bit difficulty in probably first few missions, but once i understood the powers, it is just pure power.

    So I just tght of asking you guys, who have started MAG as their starter, and their experience.(or how they learned to work with her, playing style etc.). Porbably any new player thnking of using her, will get help.  

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    • Mag starter here. Mag is a great starter frame for new players. Sadly, same can be said for all the frames available, until you reach enemies over level 30-35. with the Grineer having more armor and the Corpus having more shields while doing more damage. 

      Mag as an endgame warframe is mediocre at best, since you'd be dealing with greater and much harder enemies by then. Im currently using Mag as a fun warframe to run around with augment mods.

      My recommendation for players who started as Mag and wish to complete all of the Sol nodes as a Main (including quests) is this: start by enchancing the frames Ability Strenght and Efficiency. Following that, enchance Mag with Health, Shield and Armor mods. you effectively will squeeze yourself trough until you reach the final nodes of the solar system. Also have fun using only abillity 3 and 4 at the second half of your expedition to the end.

      Optionally, but i personally recommend for mag startes is to get Augmented mods for mag. to aquire said exotic mods, you need to join one of the syndicate factions on the Relay, you can obtain said mods for Mag only trough New Loka and the Perrin Sequence syndicate. One of my persoanly favorite Augments for Mag is Magnetized Discharge.

      Don't do the open world missions yet. Save it for last since you would't be able to do much right now with your current builds and lack of other frames, mods and weapons. After completing the nodes, you will effectivly start playing the true content the game has to offer (beside open world content).

      My conclusion for Mag: Keep her around she's a fun frame if built correctly on specific Mods.

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    • "echance Mag with Health, Shield and Armor" This guy is trolling, since buff (I think around 2018?) you can do most of the stuff with Mag(Prime), including most of the sorties.

      First of all: aside Vigor (Primed if you see one at Baro) health/armor are worthless. Before even DE come up with Hildryn Mag was rocking as an typical shield+ability synergy warframe. I suggest changing Aura to Naramon (dash) and getting Energy Siphon. Augur set is also an option. The rest is balancing it out - shields (& shield regen) if you want to be more tanky, energy if you want more DPS. Not that Slash procs no longer bypass shield, all you need to avoid are toxin heavy missions. For which Rhino would be good counterpart (both health and "Iron Skin" scale nicely with Armor).

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    • Ps. By "Energy" I ment abilities in general. In truth optimally most of the mods should be dedicated to it (6-8/9), and if you want to focus on abilities explicitly then: Augur Mods, Sentinel Build and some specific items are also possible.

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    • There are 2 decent Mag augments and "Magnetized Discharge" is not one of them, because with proper weapon hardly anything can survive Magnetize, and *possibly* disarming corpses make little sense, not to mention additionally amplifying it's range (over one already excessive from boosting other abilities) would cause more harm than good...

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    • You can use Mag conviniently until endgame ~ and I did until I got Prime version. Now, with shield gating and slash procs not bypasing shields anymore it got improved even further, and while it may not be a tank - endgame dont mean you need one.

      Just because you get it for free at very beginning doesn't mean it is bad. And doubt many veterans think so. The reason she is not recommended for newbies, would be likely: difficulty (complexity, interactions) and mod synergy required to make Mag work.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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