• Here is the new helmet icon design for Umbra Sunder.

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    • A picture is worth a thousand words

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    • How about you do it, then?

      Try to make the new icon image in high quality and detail and upload it on the helmet page. Can you do that?

      A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

      So, please, do it if you can...

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    • If you check my previous works, I have only uploaded images to update or improve them, as is the case with some mods. What does this have to do with the defective image that you have uploaded? Did not you notice when uploading and publishing it several times?

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    • First: Stop insulting me.

      Second: Install (or any image editing tool), take an in-game screenshot of the helmet (with PrintScreen or any other high res screenshot tool), and do the icon yourself. has by default transparent backgrounds and Photoshop-like tools and items, so you can edit the helmet out how you want without problems.

      "Update or improve existing images" my ass. You're so fond of detail and quality you just cannot stop, so how about make the image yourself and shut the hell up.

      Still dunno how to do it? Ask someone to help you out.

      I quit uploading images.


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    • An ignorant pringao

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    • A Lone Tenno
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