• Hey gang!

    I'm MisterWoodhouse and I'll be your new Fandom/Wikia contact going forward.

    I came to Fandom in the Curse acquisition. I've been the Community Manager for Gamepedia since May 2017.

    Before that, I was Gaming Community Manager for Imzy and I've been a moderator on a number of gaming subreddits since 2014, including /r/DestinyTheGame, /r/gaming, /r/fallout, /r/playARK, and /r/playATLAS.

    I'll be working with you on pursuing the improved wiki experience goals which Bert championed .

    Looking forward to getting to know you all better and making the wiki experience the best it can be!

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    • Hi, i don't think - or wasn't aware - that anybody was ever declared "[our] contact" previously.
      Probably because S:C fills that purpose.

      Does this mean you will be working as community manager in general or have you been assigned to certain parts?

      Either way, nice to have you.

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    • Bert was your contact before for improving the Warframe wiki experience. For now, I'm working as Gamepedia's Community Manager while also helping with select Fandom communities.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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