• Hello tenno! I'm opening up the XIVth Legion clan up for public recruiting. We are a small multigame clan and we'd love to have some more company. We've had our Warframe PS4 clan for quite awhile, but have never recruited publicly while we researched most things to keep the costs low.  :D

    For the first time I'd like to open the doors for anyone who may be looking for a home. If you're new, we have a few vets that play that could absolutely help you figure things out, and if you're a vet who wants a hands off, chill approach, we may be the spot for you.

    -Rank 8 clan. About 80-85% research completed. Dojo has a custom bar and meeting area!

    -Custom logo:. We have a nice XIV logo done in gold. It really pops.

    -Small size, currently we're at 10/30 for Warframe. We have another 60 or so in our Destiny clan and another smaller group for our BFV division we're also building. I like smaller size clans, less spam, no one gets left behind. If needed I'll add more slots.

    -Active Discord. We have several divisions and we use discord to coordinate.

    -Lax play policy. Just let us know you're alive in discord :)

    -Age 16+ only please.

    -No tolerance for bullcrap. Play nice with your fellow tenno. We try to really foster a friendly environment. Help your clanmates, etc. If you're nice, you'll be fine here. If you're a dick, find somewhere else, we're good.

    If you're interested, just leave a message here, or for a quicker response message me on PSN: Avenoll.

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