• I know everything but when the prime vault ends. I cant find an answer anywhere. Does anyone know, this is bugging me driving me furious. GG's btw ^_~

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    • prime unvaulting lasts 2 months (minus a couple days), so nova and mag will go back into the vault ~Jan 10, 2019

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    • The reason there isn't an answer is because DE hasn't confirmed a end date. They said this during one of their devstreams but according to previous unvaults its roughly two month. DE will give out an announcement for a specific end date. Things that may be taken into account are that the the Prime unvault occurred before the launch of warframe on Nintendo switch. Thos may affect the end date like how its affected Chroma and Mesa Prime Accesses.

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    • How was Prime Access affected? Chroma Prime and Mesa Prime ended and started on time, respectively.

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    • Whats a fair price for nova prime chassis?

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    • wrote:
      Whats a fair price for nova prime chassis?

      check and search for any given item to get an idea of what it's selling for, both on the high side of average and at the lowest.

      You can assume the average, as it usually is wont to do, lies somewhere in the middle.

      For example a loki prime set right now is being offered for as much as 300 platinum and for as little as 175 platinum.  In reality people are buying them from lowest up to highest, so I can guarantee you as of this moment would pay exactly 175 for a loki prime set, and as a result, I must declare that price to be fair.  

      If someone offered to sell theirs for 300 while knowing of this price, then they are a douche face, but that price of 300 is still fair if someone agrees to pay it.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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