• I don't have any requirements as far as game experience goes. I am however looking for a few credentials.

    -Fairly active player: You don't need to play all day every day. I get it, I have a life too. But, people who play several times a week.

    -Good Sports: Overall a good attitude is wanted. I want to play with my clan and it would be preferred if they are all nice.

    -Players who want to invest: I've built a few rooms on my own and that's it. So if you are willing to invest time and resources into the clan, you can be a part of building it up.

    If you are interested in actually being a part of and building up clan this could be the place for you. The clan name is ClanforChrist if that's a problem for you, no worries I understand, there are plenty of other clans to join. 

    Let me know your IGN so I can send you an invite and also make sure you aren't in a clan currently'.('since the game doesn't let you invite players in another clan)

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    • Hey, I'd like to join! My username is ducttape03

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    • A Lone Tenno
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