• Imagine telling your buddies: "You should play warframe!" 

    "Oh, I've heard of that game! Its free on computer. I'll download it there."

    "I play on Xbox, not computer."

    "I don't have an Xbox."

    Would you restart Warframe on a computer, after obtaining a hard earned Excal Umbra, Paracis, and perfectly rolled Rivens, just to play with your friend? Warframe's lack of cross-compatability hurts. I discovered Warframe on my pc, but thought Xbox seems to have better controls and wanted to switch over. Well, OoPs! You can't.Thanks DE! 

    DE should slow down with the updates after Fortuna. Then they could focus Cross Platform Capability next. After all, Warframes coming to Switch, November 20. I have a freind who really can't wait for it there. But, we can't play with each other due to that fact. 

    It'd make a lot of people happy.

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    • The problem isn't as simple as just delaying PC versions to match Consoles, otherwise DE obviously would have done so already. This comes down to Sony and Microsoft themselves, DE has no control over this.

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    • ok ty for the new insight

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    • A Lone Tenno
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