• Senua Black (Level 9 Shadow) is now recruiting active Warframe players. We are nearly 100% finished with all Research.

    We currently only have maybe 5 active players. We lost quite a bit due to burn out. Which really sucks but we're moving forward with another wave of recruitment.

    From the start I've tried to make sure this Clan remain non-elitist. It doesn't matter what MR you are or what frame you like the best or what gear/builds you choose to run with. Meta be damned! We welcome and encourage any and all MR, Play Styles, Frames, Builds, Ideas, Thoughts, etc. My members and I are always eager to help new players.

    But that's not all we want to do. I'd also like to put together Clan Squads for Arbitration, Eidolon Hunts and Hour+ Endless Fissure Missions. Reply with your in-game-name for an invite or if you just have some questions about joining a Clan. This game can be confusing as hell for new players so ask away.

    A little bit about myself ---> In Warframe I go by withinmyself   I am MR17 with 560 in-game hours(Not Steam Hours) I used Mag as my main frame for almost 400 of those hours. I have since then branched out to other frames. Here's my go-to favorites. Oberon Prime, Volt Prime, Ember Prime, Nekros Prime, Inaros, Harrow, & Khora and of course I still love Mag.

    Recently I've been playing with Inaros & Harrow the most. I'm currently working on leveling Harrow again as I now have 4 forma in that excellent frame. I spend most of my time doing endless Fissure Missions and Arbitration. I've almost reached Rank 5 on Cetus which has been a long term goal of mine for quite some time. And my next goal is to max out all of my Umbra Mods.

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