• While i was at work not working, someone asked me what type of warframe i would make. it got me thinking, and here's the result. Feel free to critique, positive or negative (but don't be unnecessarily mean)...

    Eris (The Chaotic)

    Appearance: think greek goddess style (seeing as how she's named for one). Typical color scheme is white with gold accents (such as shoulder plates, feet, fingertips), and black trim. Whispy ponytail type "hair" that comes down to mid back. Face has a veiled look to it, with a cloth covering everything from nose down. Slim frame with engraved chestpiece to look like Greek/Trojan armor. Sleeves or ribbons on arms, back left kinda blank to look like exposed skin. Feet look like she is wearing sandals.

    All stats listed are Lv. 30, unmodded.

    Health: 275

    Shields: 200

    Energy: 250

    Armor: 80

    Passive: enemies afflicted with Madness restore Eris's health upon dealing damage to their allies; eximus enemies regenerate energy instead.

    Ability 1: Chaos - shoot an orb of concentrated energy at an enemy which causes their gun to backfire, inflicting a blast proc on the target and surrounding enemies. Slight chance to cause madness on target.

    Ability 2: Shade of Spite - become spectral, with the ability to pass through enemies (but not walls; think Reaper from Overwatch). Enemies temporarily become afflicted with Madness proc, causing them to attack their allies and dealing double damage. 

    Ability 3: Hail of the Furies - Eris and nearby allies gain double fire rate with currently equipped weapons. Semi automatic weapons gain punch through/increased punch through, burst weapons gain 20% increased status chance, and semi automatic weapons gain ricochet, with ricochet bullets gaining double damage after bouncing.

    Ability 4: Catastrophe - Eris shoots out a shockwave in about a ~150 degree radius in front of her. All enemies hit take damage from every combined element proc (blast, magnetic, viral, corrosive, radiation, gas, in that order). Procs will not activate more than 1-3 times each. Honestly i'm somewhat new to the game, and i don't play much beyond Lv. 30-35 missions, so i'm not sure how OP if at all this ability would be. Any suggestions for balance, like more or less procs, would be welcome.

    I want her to be a glass cannon designed for crown control. I want her to be risky to play, with crazy abilities to draw people in who want to play on the edge, while giving her a fair passive that offers a small bit of survivability. She's meant to not be the only focus of attention, even if she's playing solo. I know she's somewhat similar to a bunch of other frames (Nyx, Oberon), but i felt like it's a fair mix whose powers appeal to more people. If you took the time to read this, thank you so much. I know reading someone else's idea, especially when they're this specific on everything, can be a turn away but i appreciate you entertaining the idea at least.

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    • Three problems:

      1. Eris on the starchart, and not as small as a node (Titania/Oberon), but an entire celestial body.
      2. Chaos, Nyx's ability already has that name.
      3. Valkyr is a berserker who is built around the chaos theme.
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    • Ah. All good points. To rectify i would say maybe change the name to Discordia (her Roman equivalent), and change the ability name to discord or something. Also, i never thought about how Valk is also pretty chaotic. I think with her invincibility and large health regen on kills, it takes the chaos out of it for me. I think i was looking for something a little more tricky to pull off. Thanks for the comment though, i legitimately never considered those things.

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    • Valkyr's theme is built around savagery and rage, not chaos. And I don't think it's a problem for a frame to have the same name as a planet. The Chaos ability should be renamed, though seeing as how Eris and Nyx are sisters and both referred to as the goddesses of strife it could work.

      However, 2 & 3 are fairly long names, try shortening them if possible ("Shaded Strife" & "Discord"?). And "madness" isn't a proc type, though Radiation b Radiation's Confusion affect might be similar to what you're looking for.

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    • yeah i kinda meant for her to have confusion similar to radiation, i just didn't want to outright go there since Oberon is all about it. But for the names, yeah i just kinda thought of them on the fly. Again though, thanks for reading, both of you. I'm glad to hear that the idea wasn't a total sh*tshow. Haha.

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    • what about deimos for a name? It's Latin or Greek for panic.

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    • The appearence would be too much like a prime, white gold and black are the typical colours for primes

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    • hat exactly is a madness proc? Is it similiar to rad procs?

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    • I'm surprised this is till here haha. I thought it would've been buried beyond recovery by now, with devs currently looking for new frame ideas. To answer the "madness" procs question, it would be something devs would have to implement to the game. It's effect would be the same as radiation in that enemies attack each other, but they would have an aura glow around their heads the same color as your energy. The only other difference is that they wouldn't attack you or allies at all, and those under its effect would deal more damage, be it through doubled fire rates, or just stronger rounds. This would also scale with enemies level so as to keep a solid damage output.

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    • kinda sounds to simular to nyx

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    • A Lone Tenno
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