• After a chaotic discussion, here is the prototype list of all the warframes turned into ice cream flavors, dishes, or condiments. Enjoy!

    Ash - Blueberry
    Atlas - Rocky Road
    Banshee - Bubblegum
    Baro Ki'Teer - Cheap Spray Paint
    Chroma - Rainbow
    Clem - Birth Defect
    Ember - Cinnamon with a drizzle of tabasco
    Equinox - Neapolitan
    Excalibur - Vanilla
    Frost - Just ice
    Gara - Blood and pain
    Harrow - Death by Chocolate
    Hydroid - Just cream
    Inaros - Peanut Butter
    Ivara - Cherry
    Khora - Butter Pecan
    Limbo - Shaved ice
    Loki - Black Liquorice
    Lotus - Grape
    Mesa - Coffee
    Mirage - Cookie Dough
    Mag - Mashed Potateoes
    Nekros - Fudge
    Nezha - Birthday Cake
    Nidus - Jerky Bacon
    Nova - Dipping Dots
    Nyx - Black Current
    Oberon - Moose Tracks
    Octavia - Cotton Candy
    Revenant - Mystery Meat
    Rhino - Chocolate
    Saryn - Mint Chocolate
    Titania - Lime sherbet with butterfly sprinkles minus the lime sherbet
    Trinity - Strawberry
    Valkyr - Sour Blue Raspberry
    Vauban - French Vanilla
    Volt - Sonic Gumball
    Wukong - Banana Split
    Zephyr - Whipped Cream without any ice cream

    Any prime warframe - Add gold leaf

    Please post any changes you want to happen to the list, but state your reason... I might consider it with enough kudoses!

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