•   Royal Destiny Obsidian

    MR3+, Player Development and Competitive Clan

    Introducing Royal Destiny Obsidian! The newest clan under the Royal Destiny banner. We at Royal Destiny Obsidian have a primary focus of developing high caliber players with an emphasis on group play and high clan activity/ involvement. Our members are committed to providing a helpful environment to new players that are actively seeking to learn the game. Additionally, we strive to provide an atmosphere which will nurture a competitive mentally. To do this, Obsidian will host a month competitive league, that will both be rewarding in the prizes received but also in the connections made within our community. Players looking for an environment that will both serve as a place to learn and also provide sweet relief for a competitive itch, you need not look further than Royal Destiny Obsidian!

      About the Royal Destiny Alliance

    We started our clan in 2015. It was founded by a group of four individuals, RoseDestiny, FerrousWolf, Gbonk, and Papersuit. Our founders met by pure chance running a public mission. They then proceeded to play more missions together and decided “Hey, let's create an amazing clan.” That was it, the birth of Royal Destiny. We are founded on principles of fun, social-minded, and competitive play, and we’re passionate about making a community full of like-minded people making new relationships and stronger bonds. 

    Due to the ever expanding popularity of our community, we have managed very successfully to grow into 5 strong clans. It was through the helpful attitude of our members and our strong leadership that we were able to accomplish this. We have certainly had ups and downs, as you can expect from any developing community, however, we’ve pulled through and can certainly say we’ve come a long way and accomplished a great many things together.

      What We Can Offer You

    • An active community, full of active and helpful members.

    • Five fully developed clans with an emphasis on activity.

    • An international clan with membership from all around the globe.

    • Our very large and enjoyable dojos.

    • Research and Labs are 100% completed.


    The Royal Destiny Discord

    • Our large community Discord contains over 5000 members from all over the globe.

    • Lots of channels for both voice chat and text conversations for all sorts of topic discussions and focuses. Memes, events, squadding, the works.

    • Keeping you up to date on alerts and announcements from our community leaders.

    • Multiple bots for all sorts of purposes, such as music, mini games, assigning roles, creating temporary voice channels, pinging alerts, and much, much more.


    == How to Join ==

    Everything sound good to you? Awesome! Now follow the steps below to apply for an invite to one of our clans.

    1. Join our Discord through this link: Discord Link

    2. Head to the #apply-here channel. 

    3. Follow the instructions on how to apply.

    4. Make sure to apply to Royal Destiny Obsidian!


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