• I consider Limbo to be the absolute best spy frame and he can trivialize any spy mission in the game 

    Its a very little known trick that limbo can activate stasis before using banish to be able to banish the grineer cameras safely.

    While they're under stasis like this the camera's stop moving, it doesnt react to any damage you deal to it and it doesnt react to you walking into its line of sight regardless of plane.

    The camera's are pretty much turned off. They will raise the alarms the moment stasis ends but seeing how it can easily last 60 seconds or more thats fine and you can just safely destroy the camera if that time limit becomes an issue.

    (this doesnt work on kuva fortress cameras though making Pago the one spy mission I'd use Ivara or Loki)

    So we all know by now that while Limbo is in the rift he can walk through lasers without triggering the alarm. This works for both grineer and corpus lasers. And with how much corpus love their lasers corpus spy is especially easy for Limbo. And his abilities can outright destroy corpus cameras from a distance even through walls ignoring line of sight so yeah corpus spy is a joke for him

    And you can banish enemies to keep them from raising the alarms or attacking you while you hack a console.

    So to use Limbo in spy just activate stasis upon stepping into the vault and rush in spamming banish in the general direction you're running towards (this is one of the few times I'd recommend building range on him) And roll into the rift when neccesary to avoid lasers. Before hacking the console make sure nearby enemies are banished so they don't bother you while you hack.

    The only other frame who can both deal with lasers and cameras is Ivara. And she needs an augment to do so with limited mobility. Not to mention that she's farmed by actually doing a ton of spy of each tier. While Limbo can be obtained extremely early on at europa not long after first getting archwing

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    • or just use limbo + invis kubrow. i used that to farm ivara. then realized ivara is shit compared to limboss,

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    • A Lone Tenno
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