• This weapon is referenced in the popular Calamity Mod for Terraria. It is known by the same name, was intentionally given a high fire rate and damage, and had a special "Shred" debuff given to it that works like Soma Prime's bleeding effect. The Gamepedia page for this weapon on The Calamity Mod can be found here:

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    • ...I mean, this is fine but it's not really what I meant. I more just meant make a comment of it.

      Anyway, the reason why it doesn't need to (or shouldn't) be on Soma Prime's page is simply that it's a reference to a third party and isn't even apart of that base game.

      If gamepedia wants to note that one of the mod's weapons is directly inspired by Soma Prime then that's fine, but it really isn't needed over on our side.

      I don't want you to feel like I reverted your edits just for the sake of reverting them.

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    • I know you didn't revert them just to revert them, and I appreciate what you do. I just thought this is what you meant by make a comment of it. 

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    • oh my gawd thank you I didnt know this existed

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    • A Lone Tenno
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