• How come you removed the edit to the Caustacyst wiki page where I said that it causes guranteed crit on a charge attack, I am using the weapon right now and whenever I do a charge attack it crits

    I can get video proof?

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    • Are you by chance testing in the Simulacrum with AI paused?

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    • It doesn't crit.

      The yellow numbers you see are due to the melee stealth damage bonus. Please at least take a look at the amount of damage you are dealing. (e.g. unmodded Caustacyst against Damage_2.0/Shielded: Normal attack: 75 damage, Normal Attack while affected by charge: 602, crit calc: 75 * (1 + 1) = 150 != 602, stealth calc: 75 * (1 + 7) = 600 ~= 602.)

      Edit: Also did you even try attacking with a primary or secondary weapons? >.>


      The charge also makes enemies vulnerable to stealth damage bonus, so that actually doesn't matter much in this case i think. But yes, always test with active AI. :D

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    • A Lone Tenno
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