• I saw on another post where you had given a guy a code for a free heat sword and slot! I used it and it worked! (Btw, thank you lol)  I was just wondering if you may have any other codes you are willing to share to a noob (I'm only 3 weeks in lol)?? I would appreciate anything! if no that's okay. I still wanted to say thank you for the other code you shared!

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    • Dear Krystalynn95,

      sure, no problem, happy I could help with it, since that is what this Wiki is for :-)

      At the moment, there is no other code out. They (//DE) only give such code out from time to time, sadly. The only other free stuff at the moment should be the free Fraost Prime + Prime Syandana, if you have an Amazon Prime account. But if you use the free one month trial, you can get it, too, without paying for Amazon Prime even once ;-)

      Always glad to help,


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    • Oh, Okay thank you :) I have the free frost deal! I thought it was an amazing deal! couldn't pass it up! again thank you! 

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    • Sure, no problem :-)

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    • New code: FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N ;-)

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    • Thank you for this you are much appreciated good sir ,

      that's awesome you are keeping me updated you are awesome!!

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    • Sure man ;-)

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    • A Lone Tenno
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