• Fan provided isn't "official". Official denotes "willingly released by DE". The spreadsheet contains links images of rivens other users have obtained with possible stats.

    An official spreadsheet might contain all max positive and negative stats one can expect to see on any specific riven mod. fake example of what DE could release:

    Weapon Max / Min Damage Max / Min Multishot ...
    Javlok +75% / -50% +125% / -63% ...
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    • I guess you want to know what i'm speaking of when i said "official speadsheet", right?

      (If you just wanted to talk randomly and didn't expect a response, please excuse my assumption. Formulating a question or asking for information is the preferable choice in most cases though, if you want me to react.)

      The xlsx-file i mean was forwarded to us by Briz from DE together with the image for the Lenz, don't know who exactly put it together though.

      Edit: You probably just think that I have no idea what i'm doing and just copying from some random table. Honestly can't blame you. Especially after i've seen how weirdly put together that spreadsheet is.

      Edit2: Also no, it only list them as 1 to 5. >.<

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    • I can verify this; DE has denied our request for specific values of riven dispositions (or stat ranges, etc.) and will only be officially providing a 1-5 on the point system they use ingame. That being said, we have been distributing an excel file among our moderators/admins on the discord server that User:USouLz and User:FeatureBreaker haven't made public yet -.-" here.

      We're not making this file 100% public because it has some weapons on it that aren't officially released, but User:TheStag has already been through updating many pages (+// Module:Weapons/data maybe? Not sure what they did yet... lol) with these values.

      If any information "seemingly" provided by DE seems false +// not really from DE, run it by an admin (Soulz, Engie, or myself are probably the best ones since we're most active in discord, and Engie and myself are the two actually talking to DE on a regular basis) and we can confirm/deny if we were provided with this information and can double check it for you. If things don't line up, we can make a further inquiry from DE themselves to see what went wrong where.

      Thanks for being so active :D <3 (holy shit wtf you have 11k edits calm down yo...)

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    • A Lone Tenno
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