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    After some delay, I am picking up this conversation from Thread:1036859 and will quote and answer ArcticEngie's last questions.

    Interwiki status

    In its later and likely complete stage of /d/ and the eventual retirement of forums, will the desktop port of /d/ be embedded within our current MW framework to be accessed internally from the Wikia (Such as the forums we have now) or will it remain in the external pseudo-off site status that it is in now? This mainly concerns things such as accessibility of /d/ to our desktop users, the feasibility of interwiki ( double [['s) links and the transition between the two.

    It has also come to my attention that we've yet to ask what exactly would happen to the forums post-migration, would they be archived such as our current (and before my time) Indexes? As a Wikia it should be important to us to at least consider our legacy submissions and the options of use we have for them.

    Additionally, speaking of Interwiki links, will /d/ eventually follow the styling of our prefixing and allow for humans to be able to write them easier in the event they may need to (i.e Board:Ooer compared to catId=2834267617483556524 ) Of course this is more so a QoL change we can think of and would be okay either way with how this goes, if we are able to interwiki link these to begin with.

    Discussions will become visually more linked with the rest of the community via upcoming design changes. For example, the final version of the updated local navigation design will come to all wikis soon, and will be added to the web Discussions layout after that. That single change will bring a much greater feeling of unity, adding both ease of navigation and an emotional sense of familiarity across both areas.

    Rich text editing will eventually come to Discussions, but the lack of that clearly not a blocker for usage by many users. Rich text editing will bring options like bold, italic, bullets, etc. As well as embedding links within text.

    The options for linking to Discussions from a wiki page may change in the future, but embedding a link via the use of single bracket links and the full URL should not be any special hardship.

    The Forum content itself may remain in our database after migration (perhaps long after), but the migrated content in Discussions is the only thing that will be visible to users. Old Forum URLs will redirect to the post's new home in Discussions. So nothing will be lost.


    With regards to the roles, we're going to revert everyone that is currently a discussion mod to rollback and append the /d/ mod role to them if they desire it. If you're still okay with this, then please inform us when we can expect it to be liveĀ :) We wouldn't want our moderators to have their userrights removed unexpectedly when this change goes live.

    I do especially apologize for the lack of response to this, since it seemed you were waiting on action/confirmation from me. But it also sounds like there was nothing that needed to change, so let's make sure we share a mutual understanding.

    I had proposed that we could strip the other permissions from the Discussion Moderator role, leaving only the Discussions-specific permissions.

    And the other permissions (that allow oversight in Forum, Message Wall, Comments) could be reassigned to another group (I suggested Content Moderator) or they could not be reassigned at all, leaving only admins with those options.

    Did you wish to have any permissions reassignments? If so, please confirm. If not, then there is nothing stopping you from executing the group membership changes whenever you choose.

    Mod+ exclusive cat's

    One thing that has come to our attention is that what would also be the possibility of rank-locked categories, whilst we do understand the values of a collective community (in which segregation is not something we wish to include over-excessively for the userbase to have equal opportunity ) but this is for our Moderation updates category, in which we inform the userbase what is changing on both your end and our own wikia /d/ ToS (found here ), we do not want users to be unable to reply to the threads WITHIN this category, but not start ones within this category as this is exclusively reserved for updates. The WARFRAME Forums also utilises this by allowing for only staff to post things within their "build updates" category, but allowing for users to reply to these. (found ) I hope this makes sense as to what we are trying to explain?

    Whilst we have no immediate plans to include a fully limited cat, or a cat only visible to users of role X, Y and Z due to holding our internal talks externally from the Wikia, I am sure that there would likely be call of it elsewhere, mainly for smaller Wikia's to have a place to contact staff with talks regarding updates pre-implementation.

    Other communities have request this, pretty much exactly as you described, even for the Forum feature. Specifically the scenario where making the first post is restricted to admins (or some set of user groups). While it's not something on the near-term plans, it is a possibility for the future. For now, designating a category for this purpose and then moving other posts out of the category is the best option.

    We've come across something a bit concerning in that we are getting reports that users are unable to access all the categories we have to offer, is there any idea on this? Example here.

    This was a bug related to category display that only surfaced on some specific models of phone with specific screen sizes. Which is why it was so hard to reproduce at first! It has been resolved.

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